We set a higher bar.

We are a Canadian firm purpose-built for entrepreneurs and enterprise. We are deeply committed to challenging the status quo, investing in relationships, and exceeding expectations. We accept select mandates based on mutual respect, reciprocity, and a shared passion for collaboration and co-creation. We work relentlessly to understand our clients, help them identify opportunities, and obtain results.


We set a higher bar.

We are committed to an elevated experience, each and every day. You’ll see that commitment come to life in the way we tackle work, treat each other, and serve your needs.

Creativity finds opportunity.

Just like you, we challenge the status quo and look for the opportunities that others overlook. You can always count on us to uncover a creative solution to the most complex or ill-defined issues.

Results matter.

You don’t need to watch the clock when you work with our team. We’ll invest in your end results. Because we value long-term relationships above all else. We aren’t happy until you’re happy.

Better together.

We celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit that sets you — and our firm — apart. We promote diversity of opinion, thought, and practice. We partner with our clients to achieve the exceptional and the enduring.

We bring simplicity to complexity.

We pride ourselves on providing simple explanations to complex problems. We develop intelligent solutions designed to make things easier, clearer, and more certain.

Explore our services and achievements to see how we’re pushing tax law, business law, estate & trust, litigation, and family law ahead.

Tax Law

The toughest, most complex tax problems in North America end up on the desks of our tax team. Bring us your greatest legal challenges – this team won’t back down.

Business Law

We tailor custom solutions to your specific needs.  Just like you, we challenge the status quo and look for the opportunities that others overlook. This entrepreneurial approach allows us to truly know and understand you. Get a tailored solution to your most complex business transactions.

Estate & Trust Law

We combine technical expertise, customized solutions, and practical advice to help ensure that your legacy reflects your personal values and maximizes the benefits for those who are most important to you.


We have a track record of excellence and can resolve any tax or business dispute you come up against.

Family Law

We provide creative solutions for complex family law issues. Whether it’s through negotiation, mediation, collaborative law, arbitration, litigation, or case assessment, we help you navigate complicated circumstances and emotions with practical and common-sense advice.

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