Business Law

Commercial Transactions

Our clients’ daily business concerns are the backbone of our Business Law team’s practice. By addressing your daily business concerns, we truly get to know and understand your organization’s culture and objectives, and become key advisors to your management team.

Although we have advised on acquisitions, dispositions, reorganizations and restructurings from the most straight-forward to the most complex, we understand that the size and complexity of the transaction does not determine the level of service required from us. Each client is different and we understand that what we see as non-complex may be the most complex that the client has seen, and we guide the client through the transaction accordingly.

We have experience in:

  • Transactions
    • Acquisitions and dispositions (including share, asset, and hybrid transactions)
    • Business structuring (corporations, partnerships, trusts, etc.)
    • Shareholder agreements, joint ventures, and other strategic alliances
    • Public financings, private equity investments, venture capital, and angel financings
    • Project financing (traditional bank financing, syndicated credit facilities, and other forms of secured financing)
    • Corporate recapitalizations, receiverships, bankruptcy, CCAA, and turnarounds
    • Supply, licensing, and distribution agreements
    • Other commercial agreements
    • Public/private partnerships
    • Employment and consulting agreements
    • Equity compensation plans
    • Lossco transactions
    • Development and land assembly
    • Leasing (e.g. ground leases, office, retail and shopping centre leases, etc.)
    • Recovery for secured lenders
  • Related Services
    • Tax effective structuring
    • Deal negotiation
    • Due diligence
    • Employment matters
    • Litigation matters
    • Real estate matters
    • Intellectual property matters
    • Information technology matters
    • Environmental matters
    • Corporate governance
  • Compliance
    • Corporate laws
    • Income Tax Act
    • Securities laws
    • Stock exchange rules
    • Competition Act
    • Investment Canada Act
    • Employment laws
    • International trade


  • Oil and gas
  • Oil and gas services
  • Environmental services
  • Real estate
  • Manufacturing
  • Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Information technology